Mike K.

- Online Scruffy Bunny -
I like building internet playthings and simulations.
Check out what I've made below!

My Stuff

Contort, A Playful Plotter

A toy surface plotter where you build math expressions by chaining "nodes" together. Each node modifies the surface in different ways. Designed as a fun little tool that abstracts and helps teach the anatomy of graph equations. It also runs in the web browser!

Tools Used: Vue.js, Vite, Three.js, Typescript, Sass, Figma.

Equipotential Lines Simulation

The animated background on this site isn't pre-rendered! It's a WebGL shader illustrating a real physics concept. It comes with its own controller class and style-able React component. I tried building it with modularity and reusability in mind.

Tools Used: GLSL, WebGL, Typescript, React.

About Me

Formal stuff first: yes, I have a bachelor's in Computer Science from [REDACTED] University (we're on the internet here, I'd rather keep that private). Anyways, I often publish my fun little internet toys, games, and things as "ZiRC" as well as draw adorable creatures in my free time. You can also hire me for junior front-end roles, this bunny coder is looking for work along the West and Midwest!!

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